Fiberglass composites

This material very often replaces the metal composites. We use it for patients after endodontic treatment. As it is proven by numerous studies done on thousands of teeth, fractures of teeth after root canal treatment reinforced with fiber composites are 100% repairable. This guarantees the preservation of the tooth in the mouth.

- glass fibers are immersed in the resin of the composite material Enamel Plus HFO
- excellent aesthetics, white color
- fluorescence
- glass composite, shading on the x-ray photos

- flexibility of the fiberglass composites is identical to natural dentin
- a perfect combination of the inset with the composite material
- very good cosmetic integration within the dentin (without excessive translucency and grayness)
- visible only on X-ray photos

Features of reconstruction:

EnaPost – the inset + EnaCem - cementum + Enamel Plus HFO – composite material
- perfect flexibility
- optimum tightness distribution
- perfect combination of inset - cement - dentin

Rebuilding of the incisor after endodontic treatment on the Enapost inset by direct method using a composite material

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