We provide you with comprehensive dental care at every stage. Each of our patients receives during individual consultations all necessary information to maintain a beautiful smile. The interiors of our offices are aesthetically designed so that our patients would remember the time spent with us in the best way. We always work in a duet: doctor and assistant for the exclusive disposition of the patient.

We are an experienced team that takes care of regularly upgrading their skills through participation in professional trainings, trade shows and meetings. Thanks to proven and modern solutions we provide you a completely painless treatment using high quality equipment and materials.

We perform the following dental procedures:
• consultations and overview of the state of the mouth
• conservative dentistry
• aesthetic dentistry
• implants
• treatment under anesthesia
• teeth whitening
• tooth jewelry
• prevention
 - professional teeth cleaning
 - scaling
 - sandblasting
 - fluoride teeth varnishing
 - dental sealants 
 - liquid dental enamel (Tooth Mousse)
• endodontics (root canal treatment)
• prosthetics
 - prosthetic crowns  
 - porcelain crowns on steel 
 - porcelain crowns on gold 
 - ceramic crowns LAVA  
 - ceramic crowns InCeram 
 - prosthetic bridges  
 - veneers 
 - inlay, onlay (gold or ceramics)
 - crown-root refills (base metals, gold, ceramics, fiber glass, zirconium)
 - frame dentures
 - wrap dentures
 - immediate dentures repairs
• orthodontics
 - fixed braces (metal and porcelain)
 - retainers
• periodontology
• surgery
 - retained teeth extraction
 - root resection
 - enucleation of the cyst
 - guided bone regeneration 
- sinus lift
• x-rays
 - panoramic radiograph
 - periapical x-rays
 - bitewings x-rays

Dr. Marzena Kupis

ul. Grzybowska 2/32
00-131 Warsaw

Our location

Working hours:

Monday - Friday
9:00 am - 9:00 pm



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