What are dental implants? Dental implants are undoubtedly making a stunning career nowadays. Thanks to the rapid development of technological industry of prosthetics it is possible to almost completely reconstruct missing teeth. Please note that the implant itself is not an artificial tooth. A dental implant is a small titanium screw inserted surgically directly into the jaw bone (mandible). The implant only replaces the root of the tooth. Therefore, both the implant and the attached to the implant porcelain crown provide together a complete reconstruction of the tooth. During the procedure local anaesthesia is used. Dental implantation itself can be compared to a single root tooth extraction. It is a simple procedure that does not require narcosis.

Is it worth to opt for implants then?

Undoubtedly yes! It should be remembered that the success of implant treatment depends largely on the condition of the bone tissue (the main obstacle for this type of treatment is the poor condition of the jawbone or mandible). If clinical conditions allow, and there are no contraindications due to the overall health of the patient, the treatment is generally safe and burdened with a very small risk of failure. 

If there are many missing teeth or the patient deals with edentulism, implants are the only way to do solid and comfortable prosthetic restorations. Thanks to the implant we can restore the natural dentition: rebuild the root and the crown of a missing tooth. Many people think that the prices of implants are too high. Please note, however, that conventional treatment, such as the application of permanent all ceramic bridge can be much more expensive and less comfortable for the patient. Treatment with the implant does not require grinding of adjacent teeth (as it is in case of bridges). The whole implant treatment is generally finished during the period of 4-6 months.Dental implants provide biting and chewing comfort for the patient and they function like natural teeth. Their implantation, in addition to the medical and aesthetic aspects, effect on well-being of the patient, and thus - the quality of life.

Digital design of teeth reconstruction

Before the procedure radiological diagnosis and prosthetic preparation are carried out, after the installation of the surgical matrix, implants are precisely installed in the properly planned spaces, during the same visit, the patient receives prosthetic bridge.



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