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Charming smile opens doors and breaks barriers to the fulfilled and happy life. The secret to achieve a smile of your dreams lies in good communication with the dentist. Already in the first stage it is necessary to analyze the patient's expectations and the possibility of their realization. Do not be afraid to ask some questions regarding the treatment and try to describe as clearly as possible your expectations.

How does your smile evolve?

Teenager wants to have straight, white teeth and fresh breath. In this period the most important thing is prevention, treatment of decay and orthodontic treatment.
Later he begins to pay attention to aesthetics. If you feel embarrassed when you smile, if you cover the mouth with hand or avoid being photographed, if you are not satisfied with the appearance of your gums or they are too visible during the smile, if you are irritated by the break between your teeth, if you have yellow teeth, then it’s a perfect time to improve your smile. At young age, we offer treatments with minimal interference in the tooth tissue. The most common is whitening treatment, aesthetic teeth restorations "artificial enamel" or porcelain veneers with minimal tissue preparation. Sometimes laser correction of the gum line brings the desired aesthetic effect.

When we analyze the look of the teeth, we follow some standards: white teeth, a full arch of the teeth, slightly visible upper teeth from the upper lip during the process of speech and slight smile, the correct proportion of central incisors in relation to other teeth. A little longer central incisors and fangs create youthful appearance. The same length of all the front teeth gives an impression of older teeth.

Slightly crowded individual teeth can be corrected by porcelain veneers. Teeth can be quickly corrected by bonding method. This correction of teeth is made during one visit by using composite materials. It guarantees an immediate change in the shape and color of the teeth.With age, new problems can appear: loss of teeth, discoloration, visible unaesthetic filling.

Around the age of 45, more visible is: teeth age, loss of occlusal surface, loss of bones or gums.Then, the patients begin to require a bigger reconstruction in order to keep their own teeth as long as possible.According to the philosophy of minimal tissue preparation, the occlusion can be lifted up by rebuilding the lateral teeth with the usage of special overlays and in the front segment by using veneers or crowns.Such reconstruction not only improves the smile but also improves the appearance of facial soft tissues.The lower section of the face extends, jaw line improves, nasolabial folds and wrinkles become smoother. Atrophy of bones gives the impression of teeth "lengthening" which unfortunately is visible as dark spaces between the teeth (due to loss of papillae). The solution may be, in this case, to cover them with artificial enamel or to make porcelain veneers.

Olderly patients often need fulfillment of more than one tooth. Implants are the most comfortable solution. There are single tooth dental implants and dental bridges.
But very often the patients want aesthetic improvements by filling the missing teeth. They feel younger than the metric indicates and discolored and damaged teeth can definitely make them look older.On the occasion of small reconstruction they often go for the total change of the smile.They look much younger and it gives them enormous satisfaction.


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